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Psychology and Language Training Department was created at the Institute of Economics’ Management Faculty, National Mining University in 2002. Since 2003 the Department has been carrying out the training on "Philology" direction, providing Bachelor Qualification.

The department was renamed to the Translation and Educational Psychology Department in 2007 (order N 487l 21.05.2007), then to the Translation Department (order N 73l 29.01.2008).

In 2007, the National Mining University got the right to train specialists in specialty 7.030507 "Translation", which is under the license (an extract from the State Accreditation Commission decision 27.11.2007 protocol N 68).

From 2003 till 2008 the Department provided Humanities teaching to the students of Management Faculty, Finance and Economics Department, Institute of Extramural and Distance Education and for students-translators. The cycle of vocational and practical courses included:

• Practical Course of Foreign Language (English, German, French);

• Foreign Language for Professional Purposes (English, German, French);

• Practical Course of Basic Foreign Language (English);

• Practical Course of the Second Foreign Language (German);

• Practical course of the third Foreign Language (French);

• Linguistics Introduction;

• The History of Foreign Literature;

• Latin;

• The Bases of Language Communication Theory

• Translation Introduction;

• English Terminology;

• English and Ukrainian Comparative Lexicology;

• English and Ukrainian Comparative Grammar;

• Comparative Stylistics of English and Ukrainian languages;

• Foreign Languages Teaching Methods;

• English Language History;

• The Translation from Basic Foreign Language (English);

• The Translation from the Second Foreign Language (German);

• Linguistic and Country-Specific Studies of the First Foreign Language Countries;

• Scientific and Technical Translation Basis;

• Economics, Management and Law Translation;

• Translation in the Field of Organizational Management;

• Translation in Finance;

• English-Language Mass Media;

• English-Language Press;

• English Documentation;

• The Basis of Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette;

• Grammatical Problems of Translation;

• The Bases of Video Editing

• Business Language Translation;

• Translation of Management of Foreign Trade Activities: Linguistic and Country-Specific Studies of the Second Foreign Language

• Spanish Language;

• Education;

• Official Papers Language;

• General Psychology Basis;

• Psychological Aspects of Management;

• Psychology of Business Communication;

• Psychology of Emotional Intelligence;

• Psychology Group;

• Psychology of Creative Mind;

• Psychology of Memory;

• Psychology of Stress;

• Psycholinguistics;

• Neurolinguistic;

• Neurolinguistic programming;

In 2002-2008 the department was headed by L. N. Derkach, the Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor. Under her supervision the department investigated the psycholinguistic problems of interpretation (mechanisms and models), innovative approaches to interpreters training under the conditions of multilingualism, neurolinguistic issues forming the translational competence of students simultaneously acquiring four foreign languages.

L.N. Derkach Candidate (1982) and Doctoral (1994) these dealt with actual problems of Psychology, Foreign Languages and Translation Teaching Methods. She is the author of a comprehensive interdisciplinary neuropsycholinguistic approach to foreign language teaching in Non-language University. She was awarded the Witkin-Okonji (USA) twice; she took part in international conferences in Switzerland, England, Germany, Scotland, Brazil, Bahrain.

Scientific works by prof. Derkach L.N. were published in Springer-Verlag, UNESCO Education Sector (2000, 1999) and foreign journals: “International Journal of Psychology” (Vol. 35, 2000); “Lecture Notes in Computer Science”(Vol. 2117, 2001) and collective monograph “Cognitive Technology: Instruments of Mind” (Springer, 2001).

Professor Derkach is the author of more than 200 publications, including 90 in foreign journals, she is the editor of two collective books "Cutting-edge problems of scientific and technical translation" (2005, 2007), co-author and compiler of distance course "Development and analysis of public policy," which was created at the request of the University of North London and the World Bank.

In 2007 Prof. Derkach was elected the member of the Commission on Higher Education with the Scientific and Methodological Council, Ministry of Education, Subcommittee "Foreign philology" 020,305, the section "Translation, Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching Methodology".

L.N. Derkach bears the award of "Education High Achiever" (1989), a UNESCO Expert on Training and Education; she was repeatedly elected as a member of the International Scientific Committee on the examination of research in the specialty (USA, 2004; Bahrain, 2001). She headed the international research project "Research on neurolinguistic profiles of successful translators- managers” with prof. C. Torres ( The University of Brazil).

On the initiative of Prof. Derkach "The Center of Psychological Research and Innovation" was created at the Department of Translation. The center worked from 2002 till 2008. In addition to scientific and research work, the Centre conducted in-depth study of foreign languages for individual program using innovative neuropsychological technologies. Also at the Center of Psychological Research and Innovation everybody could gain the knowledge of Psychology. Classes were held both in Ukrainian and English.

During the period the Department staff comprised 20 people, including 5 Professors, Doctor of Psychological Science (Derkach L.N.) and Doctors of Philological Sciences (Filat T.V., Denisov S.P., Ishchenko N.G., Perebeynos V.I.), 9 Associate Professors, 8 of them had Candidate of Science scientific degree (T.N. Allakhverdyan, L.V. Berdnik, V.A. Krivulya, Vinichenko T.G., Peretokina V.F., Moskalenko N.A., N.D. Pisarenko, Korsakov T.V.), a Senior Lecturer (Cherkaschenko O.N.) and 3 Assistants (Kravtsova N.S., Shchurov A.V., Nesterova O.Y.).

A number of manuals labeled MES of Ukraine were published to support the learning process in translation: "Welcome to the World of Economics" (Part I, Part II) (prof. Derkach L.N., Senior Lecturers Vysotska T.N., Cherkaschenko O.N.), "Guide to German language for practical classes and independent work of students in 0305 Philology" (Associate Professor Ignatova N.N.) textbook of French language for students-translators (Associate Professor Terehova L.O. ), a manual in English for students of economics (Associate Professor Levchenko N.Y.).

The Department conducts the research in the areas that meet the Dnieper region training needs. The experts from the department offered an innovative concept of scientific and technical translator training, based on a complex neuro-psycholinguistic approach to foreign languages teaching ​​for future translators. The approach aims to develop basic, specific and special part of learners’ translation competence, taking into account their cognitive style of learning because of the individual cerebral functional asymmetry profile of hemispheres (the author of this approach is prof. Derkach L.N.). This approach was presented at international conferences, workshops in Sweden, Italy, UK, Brazil and other countries. It was tested in the educational process at the National Mining University (2002-2008).

The department provides appropriate conditions for theses defence of the Senior teachers Cherkashchenko O.N., Korotkova S.V., Kravtsova N.S.

Assistant Professors Nesterova O. J., Shchurov A. V. and Savina J. A. are working on their theses; Associate Professor Allakhverdyan has received recommendation for Doctor’s Thesis.

The main areas of the Department’s research work are:

- Prof. Vvedenskaya T.Y. : Linguistic, cultural and applied aspects of multilingual communication, the ways and tools of building the intercultural competence of the future translator;

- Prof. Alexeyev A.J. : Comparative linguo-stylistics and psycholinguistics;

-Associate Professor Allakhverdyan T.N., Senior lecturer Kravtsova N.S. Translation of scientific and technical terminology (French);

- Associate Professor Berdnik L.V. : Translation in the field of mining and mineral development (English);

- Associate Professor Kabachenko I.L. : Collaborative approach to learning German language;

- Associate Professor. Kabachenko I.L., Associate Professor. Ignatova N.N. : Culture-oriented linguistics of the countries of second foreign language (German);

- Associate Professor. Orel M. V. : Lexical and grammatical difficulties of scientific and technical translation;

- Associate Professor. Orel M.V. : Translation in electrical engineering (English);

- Senior lecturer. Galushko T.V. : Terminology in the field of mechanical engineering, transport and transport infrastructure (German);

- Senior lecturer Cherkashchenko O. N. : Psychological and methodological problems of distance learning. Formation and development of professionally-important qualities of a teacher;

- Senior lecturer Cherkashchenko O. N. : Translation in Electromechanics (English);

-Assistant Professor Nesterova O. J. : Translation in the field of organisation Management (English);

- Assistant Professor Shchurov A.V., Translation in the field of informatics and computer science (English).

The prospect of educational and methodological work of the department is to create appropriate conditions to ensure high quality training in the field of translation, further optimization of the learning process, the integration of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for future translators. In the field of science, the teachers of the department continue to explore the theme, which analyzes all the aspects of translation as a central link of bilingual communication, translator’s / interpreter’s part in this process, the peculiarities of translation. The Department staff pays special attention to the study of factors providing future translator’s intercultural communicative and discourse competence formation.  

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