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Allakhverdian T.M. defended thesis the French romanticism of the 1820s: mythopoetic text structure (competition for the scientific degree of Doctor of Philological Studies in specialization 10.01.04 – literature of foreign countries) – admitted September 2013. 2 monographs were written and published on the basis of the thesis.

Korotkova S.V., Assistant Professor Fomina L.V., Assistant Professor Savina Ju.O. had advanced defense and they were recommended to their Candidate thesis dedending.

Postgraduate Students/Competitors Plan of the Thesis Defense, 2014 2015

Fomina L.V. (candidate thesis) х

Korotkova S.V. (candidate thesis) х

Savina Ju.O. (candidate thesis) х

On 9 October 2014, Senior Lecturer Vysotska T.M. defended the Candidate thesis the Nomination of Technical Artifacts in the System and Cognitive, Onomasiological aspects (based on the Russian terms in the mining industry) (DNU) competition for the scientific degree of Candidate of Philological Studies in specialization 10.02.02 – Russian language. Proved.

In July 2014, Nesterova O.Yu. defended the Candidate thesis the Information Culture Development of the Future Translators in Higher Technical Educational Institutions” in specialization 13.00.04 – “Theory and Methods of Professional Education” and qualified as Candidate of Philological Studies.

Professor Alekseyev A.Ya. was the research supervisor of the competitors from universities of Zaporizhia, Melitopol, Dniprodzerzhynsk and Mariupol. He was a member of the editorial boards of scientific collections of ZNU and Berdyansk NU. In October 2012 and October 2013 he delivered a series of lectures on stylistics in Mariupol State University. He delivered lectures on translation theory Mariupol State University October 2013, special course in cognitive linguistics (ZNU), and his 2 postgraduate students defended their works.

Professor Vvedenska T.Yu. wrote a review on Bondarenko V.I. et al’s manual The Basic Technologies of Fossil Minerals Developing, Dnepropetrovsk: Lizunov-press, 2014.

Department stuff published:

Articles in specialties – 20, non-special articles – 9, foreign publications – 15 [3 in Scopus (2 in co-authorship, 1 independent)], with the participation of students – 60.

Participation in conferences:

Issues in Ukraine – 10, foreign issues – 8 (Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria).

The work on the scientific theme E-300 "Analysis and Basics of Education Programs in Philological Studies of the Translation Department» has been continued.
During the 2013-2014 academic year the Translation Department carried out a huge amount of extra work in translating and editing of the European Diploma Supplement, course summaries, the English version of the NMU website, University promotional materials, research documents and publication materials in the Energy Efficiency Improvement of Geotechnical Systems Journal and other journals with high citation index.
The сourse book by O. S. Beshta, O. V. Balahontseva and V. A. Boroday «Automatic Electric Drive in Rolling» (230 pages), the set of the laboratory works for the students in the field 6: 050 701 “Electrical engineering and electrical technologies» (180 pages) and "Collection of the basic terms in electrical engineering and alternative energy " (compiled by Kuvayev U.V., Vvedenska T.Y., Kirichenko M.S. - 123 pp., Ukrainian, Russian, English and German) were translated . The Department continues to collaborate with Alekseev in editing and translating research articles for the periodical issue The Improvement of Energy Efficiency of Geotechnical Systems.
Senior Lecturer Cherkaschenko delivers the English course for the NMU teachers (2013-2014)

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