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In 2013-4 4 Professors., 9 Senior Lecturers and 4 Assistant Professors work at the Translation Department. According to the staff list, the department has 19 established posts working in NMU on the regular basis: 3 Professors, 5 Associate Professors.,8 Senior Lecturers and 4 Assistant Professors.
According to an academic load, there are 19 salary rates: Proffessor.-3.05, Associate Professor. – 6.7 , Senior Lecturer – 6.75, Assistant Professors - 2.5.
The academic staff with diploma degrees and academic degrees delivering lecture hours (9% of hrs.) consist of 83.1% for bachelors and 100% for specialists, 92% of tutors worked at the NMU on the regular basis.
Under the lecture hours delivery for the fundamental unit and professional disciplines the share of doctors of science or professors is equal to 24% for bachelors and 90% for specialists.
The teachers with degree education that corresponds to the disciplines delivered.
The average age of the teachers’ staff is 48 years old, Professors are 65, AssociateProfessors are 56, Senior Lecturers are 41 and Assistants Professors are 30. There are 6 part-time personnel units: 2 internal and 4 external ones. The number of Candidates of Sciences and Assocoate Professors is 4. 2 Senior Lecturers work at the Department. The citizen of Great Britain Paul Bredbeer, the graduator of Cambridge university, historian by speciality, delivers the practical courses in English and culture-through-language studies.

2. The Educational work

The Results of the State assessment

The Examination in German language (Technical Translation-13) was passed with the following results:

- “excellent” – 12 (twelve) students (55%)

-“good” – 10 (ten) students (45%)

Average score – 4.5

The Examination in English language (Philology 10-1,2) was passed with the following results:

- “excellent” – 12 (twelve) students (23%)

-“good” – 19 (nineteen) students (36%)

- “satisfactorily” – 21 (twenty one) students (41%)

Average score – 3.8

According to the Results of the State assessment, 8 graduate students received the Honored Diplomas.

According to the Results of the State assessment, 4 undergraduate students received the Honored Diplomas.

The analysis of the complex control works, homework and course papers done by students shows their sufficiently good results in theoretical education and practical skills in the works performed. The Rector’s control assignment, the Practical Course of the Main Foreign (English) Language showed absolute education quality and the relative quality of 75%.

3. Scientific and methodological work

Sixteen teacher’s workshops were held (see Appendix) and five course manuals were published.

4. Work with talented students

The translation department held the 11th International Scientific Student Conference “Eurolanguages – 2013: Innovations and Development” in October 2013. Students who took part in the conference were from Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Dniprodzerzhynsk, Donetsk, Lugansk, Zhovti Vody, Pavlohrad etc.), Ireland, Germany, Poland and Russia (Yekaterinburg). The collections of the students’ works based on conference materials were published.

12 students took part in the translation competition led by the Association of the Ukrainian Germanists in September 2013

Scientific spring 2014 – German, Romance and English sections

The 11th English Olympiad for school leavers was held.

5. Vocational guidance 2013-2014 academic year

The guidance content . Execution date . Accountable .

  1. Analysis of the admission campaign results. 2012-2013. September 2013. Galushko T.V.
  2. Checking the list of schools in Dnipropetrovsk region where the vocational guidance was performed. October 2013. Vvedenska T.Y, Galushko T.V
  3. Realization of the vocational guidance by undergraduate students by means of their education practice in schools of the city and region. September 2013. Gavrilova A.V., Vvedenska T.Y., Shchurov O.V, Berdnyk L.V, Savina J.O.
  4. Making the marketing research among the first-year students to improve information and advertising activities of the department. September-October 2013. Galushko T. V.
  5. Involving the school-leavers to participation in scientific conference «Eurolanguages- 2013» and in poetic translation contest held by the department. 29.11.2013. November 2013. Department staff.
  6. Organization of the introductory excursion for the conference participants (school-leavers). November 2013. Galushko T.V.

7. Development of the page content by means of feeding it with information about the Translation Department on the basis of admission campaign 2012-2013. November 2013. Vvedenska T.Y. Galushko T.V. Shchurov O.V.

8. Visiting schools for delivering information to the school graduates about the plan of the university events aimed at awareness of the university's and the department's activity and holding the olympiads and the conferences, the Prospective applicants Day, etc. October-April 2013. The professors of the Department

9. Visiting schools and working with graduates' parents (conference for parents). December-March 2013-2014. The professors of the Department

10. Holding of the agitational work in linguistic centres of the university. semesters 1-2 Cherkaschenko O.M. Gavrilova A.V. Galushko T.V.

11. Management of events for the school graduates with advanced studying of foreign languages performed by the Department's professors

12. Holding of the vocational guidance in the towns of Dnipropetrovsk Region (Dniprodzerzhynsk, Pavlohrad, Zhovti Vody, etc) semesters 1-2 Nesterova O.Y.

Kabachenko I.L.

13. Participation in organizing and holding of the Prospective Applicants’ Day at the Faculty of electrical engineering. monthly, since December Vvedenska T.Y. Galushko T.V.

14. Holding the acompetitions for graduates from Pridneprovsk region. March 2014. Cherkaschenko O. M.

15. Holding the Conferences for parents whose children took part in academic competition with students and the translation department graduates involved. March 2014. Cherkaschenko O. M.

16. Organizing the English and Spanish groups in city schools with the help of the 4 and 5-year students and their involvement to the vocational guidance during the year. Gavrilova A. V.

17. Organizing the vocational guidance among the school teachers who attend the seminars organized by the Association of the Ukrainian Germanists and by the Ukrainian-German Language Centre during the year. Galushko T. V.

18. Involving the students from different courses to the vocational guidance in the schools of the region during the year.

19. Working with school-leavers who had the contacts with the Translation Department by phone or online to enter the National Mining University during the final campaign within the current year period. July 2014.

6. Educational work

The educational work among the students was done by every teacher of the Translation Department in classes, tutorials and by contacts during their visiting the hostels. The curators of the academic groups from the first year to the fifth year performed their educational work. The Fresher’s Guideline was developed and renewed.

The curators of academic groups organized next events:

- “Freshers’ Day” 2014;

- Students’ amateur performances dedicated to the Freshers’ Day and the 11th English academic competition among the graduates of Dnipropetrovs’k region;

- Visits to NMU museums with the 1st year students;

- Watching the productions of the Opera and Ballet Theatre: Plg.-12-1, Plg.-13-1:

- Poetic Translation Contest (within the 11th Students International Conference Eurolanguages-2013).

7. Research activities

Allakhverdian T.M. defended thesis the French romanticism of the 1820s: mythopoetic text structure (competition for the scientific degree of Doctor of Philological Studies in specialization 10.01.04 – literature of foreign countries) – admitted September 2013. 2 monographs were written and published on the basis of the thesis.

Korotkova S.V., Assistant Professor Fomina L.V., Assistant Professor Savina Ju.O. had advanced defense and they were recommended to their Candidate thesis dedending.

Postgraduate Students/Competitors Plan of the Thesis Defense, 2014 2015

Fomina L.V. (candidate thesis) х

Korotkova S.V. (candidate thesis) х

Savina Ju.O. (candidate thesis) х

On 9 October 2014, Senior Lecturer Vysotska T.M. defended the Candidate thesis the Nomination of Technical Artifacts in the System and Cognitive, Onomasiological aspects (based on the Russian terms in the mining industry) (DNU) competition for the scientific degree of Candidate of Philological Studies in specialization 10.02.02 – Russian language.

In July 2014, Nesterova O.Yu. defended the Candidate thesis the Information Culture Development of the Future Translators in Higher Technical Educational Institutions” in specialization 13.00.04 – “Theory and Methods of Professional Education” and qualified as Candidate of Philological Studies.

Professor Alekseyev A.Ya. was the research supervisor of the competitors from universities of Zaporizhia, Melitopol, Dniprodzerzhynsk and Mariupol. He was a member of the editorial boards of scientific collections of ZNU and Berdyansk NU. In October 2012 and October 2013 he delivered a series of lectures on stylistics in Mariupol State University. He delivered lectures on translation theory Mariupol State University October 2013, special course in cognitive linguistics (ZNU), and his 2 postgraduate students defended their works.

Professor Vvedenska T.Yu. wrote a review on Bondarenko V.I. et al’s manual The Basic Technologies of Fossil Minerals Developing, Dnepropetrovsk: Lizunov-press, 2014.

Department stuff published:

Articles in specialties – 20, non-special articles – 9, foreign publications – 15 [3 in Scopus (2 in co-authorship, 1 independent)], with the participation of students – 60.

Participation in conferences:

Issues in Ukraine – 10, foreign issues – 8 (Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria).

The work on the scientific theme E-300 "Analysis and Basics of Education Programs in Philological Studies of the Translation Department» has been continued.
During the 2013-2014 academic year the Translation Department carried out a huge amount of extra work in translating and editing of the European Diploma Supplement, course summaries, the English version of the NMU website, University promotional materials, research documents and publication materials in the Energy Efficiency Improvement of Geotechnical Systems Journal and other journals with high citation index.
The сourse book by O. S. Beshta, O. V. Balahontseva and V. A. Boroday «Automatic Electric Drive in Rolling» (230 pages), the set of the laboratory works for the students in the field 6: 050 701 “Electrical engineering and electrical technologies» (180 pages) and "Collection of the basic terms in electrical engineering and alternative energy " (compiled by Kuvayev U.V., Vvedenska T.Y., Kirichenko M.S. - 123 pp., Ukrainian, Russian, English and German) were translated . The Department continues to collaborate with Alekseev in editing and translating research articles for the periodical issue The Improvement of Energy Efficiency of Geotechnical Systems.
Senior Lecturer Cherkaschenko delivers the English course for the NMU teachers (2013-2014)

8. International Activities

1. The Cooperation Agreement between National Mining University and Ural Federal University (Russia, Ekaterinburg)
2. The Translation Department and The International Exchange Agency “SIMPLEX” hold a presentation about the possibilities of studying in Canada (October 2013)
3. Participation in the week of interactive learning (US-Ukraine) in school 144 (February 2014)
4. Student Hovtvyan G. gradueted from International Leadership School (September 2013).
Senior Lecturer Galushka T.B. became a coordinator of the Association of the Ukrainian Germanists regional branch . She organized permanent workshop in techniques for teaching German for school teachers, high school teachers, and university lecturers under the UDSZ and DAAD support. (March and November 2013)
The Student of TT-13 Lapshina A. is participating in the cooperation with the Reutlingen Technical University, she was trained in Germany from 2013 to 2014 and made the translation of the course-book in microprocessor technology

On the basis of multidisciplinary educational and recreational resource and methodological Correctional Work and Inclusive Education Center a video conference between Oscar Serrolaza, the author of the Spanish course-book (Madrid, Spain) and the 3rd-year students under the supervision of Senior Lecturer Gavrilova A.V. was held in April, 2014

The work of the Ukrainian-Japanese Center headed by Vvedenska T.Y., the Head of Translation Department, continued. The Ukrainian-Chinese Center began working (headed by Peretokina N.G.)

Bolbas Oksana studied at Language School of Marburg (Germany) in October 2013.

8. The department material and technological base development

There are 8 personal computers at the department, 3 connected to the Internet, but low computer capabilities do not allow to use them efficiently in the academic activity.

In 2009 a video projector was purchased, during the 2010-2011 academic year the department material base was replenished at the expense of NMU and sponsorship: HP F4500 and Canon LBP 3010 printers were purchased, during 2011-2012 academic year through sponsorship a book-case, a screen and air conditioning were purchased, in 2014 the MFU CANON I-Sensus MF 4410-8443393100 was purchased. These can significantly improve educational process and provide qualitative conferences, competitions, Freshers’ Day, international video conferences and other events. In 2012 academic year the department stand was updated.

The Business Plan for 2013-2014 academic year is fulfilled. The sponsor support was received for international student conference “Eurolanguages 2013” 300 UAH were earned for folder purchase.

The earned income from scientific conferences is 350 UAH, spent for the stationary materials: paper, ink cartridges etc.

Translated by Moshentts K., Pyatina M., Chorna A., Khvorova A., Kachura E., Nelga O., Kulshenko S., Tveretinova A., Lahmostova A.,

Group 12-04

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