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On March 02, 2019, the 16th Regional English Olympiad for school leavers was held at Translation Department of Dnipro University of Technology. The participants were greeted by Prof. Ivanov O.B., Director of the Institute of Power Engineering; Prof. Vvedenska T.Yu., Head of Translation Department; Prof. Alekseyev A.Ya. and Paul Bredbier, Senior Lecturer of Translation Department. The students of Translation Department – Krasovska A., Makarov I., Holoimova T., Voloboieva A., Alexandrova T., Yeliseyeva A., Krasilnikova K -joined the opening ceremony and greeted the guests in English, German, French and Spanish.
In accordance with the test scores in Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Reading and Speaking, Neshcheret A. (Dnipro, the Ukrainian-American lyceum, teacher Kiselyova L.I.. headed the list of contestants; Maliutova D. and Shvets D. (the Ukrainian-American lyceum, teacher Kiselyova L.I.) were placed second; Butenko O. (the Ukrainian-American lyceum, teacher Kiselyova L.I.), Kryvyi M. (the lyceum of information technology, teacher Gilyova L.G.) and Ivanchenko A. (the Ukrainian-American lyceum, teacher Gilyova L.G.) did well to come third; the best in nominations are: Grammar – Krasavin Ya., Zubenko M. teacher Gilyova L.G.; Listening Comprehension – Petriv V., teacher Lubenskaya V.S.; Sabadyr D., teacher – Kuzik O.N.; Reading – Dolmatova K., teacher Gilyova L.G.). We wish success in foreign language skills mastering and fruitful collaboration in the realm of scientific and technical translation to all school leavers of our region!


On March 27, 2017, the 14th Regional English Olympiad for school leavers was held at Translation Department of National Mining University. The participants were greeted by Prof. Ivanov O.B., Director of the Institute of Power Engineering, Prof. Alekseyev A.Ya., Head of Translation Department, Prof. Vvedenska T.Yu., and Paul Bredbier, Senior Lecturer of Translation Department. The students of Translation Department Babenko A., Voitekhovska Yu., Kozhushko K., Libinson M., Likha D., Pisareva M., Sokolovska O., Tistechok O., Chernyavska Ya., Shchus A. joined the opening ceremony and greeted the guests in English, German, French and Spanish.





In accordance with the test scores in Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Reading and Speaking, Parhanova A. (Dnipro, specialized multidisciplinary school №23, teacher Zavada LA) headed the list of contestants; Masoch T. (secondary school №51, teacher Morhun K.S.) and Turpitka N. ("Dnipro Lyceum information technologies at DNU, teacher Zuev M.G.) were placed second; Orel O. (secondary school №23), Sur'yanynova (secondary school №23) and Chebelyuk G. (secondary school number 71) did well to come third. We wish success in foreign language skills mastering and fruitful collaboration in the realm of scientific and technical translation to all school leavers of our region!



On February 27, 2016, the 13th Regional English Olympiad for the school graduators was held at the Translation Department of the National Mining University. The competitors were greeted by Prof. Pivnyak H.H., Rector of NMU, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Prof. Ivanov O.B., Director of the Institute of Power Engineering, Prof. Vvedenska T.Yu., Head of the Translation Department, Prof. Alekseyev A.Ya. and Paul Bredbier, Senior Lecturer. The students of the Translation Department and the prospective translators from English, German, French and Spanish Milkevich G., Savchenko A., Aleksandrova T., Bitlyan A., Glazov R., Kilchynska O. and Bashko S. also joined the opening ceremony and greeted the guests in foreign languages.

IMG_5691 (1).jpg

In accordance with the test scores in listening and comprehension, grammar, reading and checking the competitorsspeaking skills, the first place was taken by Yushko V. (Waldorf School of Dnipropetrovsk, trained by Kalinichenko Yu.N.).  Two second places were divided among Andrienko V. and Glushchenko K. (American-Ukrainian Lyceum of NMU, trained by Kiselyova A.U.). Voitehovska Yu. (KZO School No, 143), Lyha D. (School No. 114) and Zakaliuzhna N. (Verkhniodniprovsk School No. 1) won the third places.




We wish success, firm steps toward the language summits and fruitful collaboration in the realm of scientific and technical translation to all the school graduators of Dnipropetrovsk Region.

13-th International Students' Conference Eurolanguages-2015

Last Friday, November 27, saw the 13th International scientific and practical student conference “Eurolanguages-2015: Innovations and Development” which was held by the Translation Department of the National Mining University. More than 200 attendees came from St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kyiv, Cherkassy, Melitopol, Khmelnitzkyi, Krivyi Rih, Lugansk, Dniprodzerzhinsk and other cities of Ukriane. Almost all higher educational institutions of Dnipropetrovsk delegated their representatives to participate in the event. Following the time-proven tradition, the conference opened with a solemn plenary meeting during which the conference audience were greeted by professors and students of the Translation department in English, German, French and Spanish.The welcoming hall was permeated with the atmosphere of the real festival of science and youth which gave a mighty impetus to the participants for the whole day of intense if rewarding work. According to the conventional scenario, the winners of the poetic translation contest received diplomas and prizes during the plenary meeting. It is noteworthy, that the participants demonstrated research results of exceptionally high scientific and language level. Their presentations testified to remarkable technical and communicative skills. The summing up session traditionally began with conferring diplomas and certificates to the students who claimed that no matter how proud they were, it was not the most pleasant part to remember the conference for. “Eurolanguages 2015” will be remembered for the engaging master classes conducted by the committed and noted scholars, heated discussions, unique combination of inspiration, fresh scholarly spirit, enthusiasm, mutual respect and the feeling of unity among the members of scientific university community: students, teachers and school leavers who were special guests at the conference. The farewells sounded longer than usual as nobody was willing to part with newly acquired friends. “When shall we meet again?” asked novices of the conference, secretely hoping to gather within the hospitable walls of NMU as soon as possible.

Watch the short videos below.

















Innovations Into the Language

No matter whether you are learning a new language or you are just eager for learning it. This day will make you und

erstand how important the languages are in our lives.

Making innovations, stimulating foreign languages learning methods – here are the main goals of the International Scientific Students’ Conference “Eurolanguages 2014”, hosted by the Department of Translation on November 28th 2014.


Students from Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Kremenchug, Melitopol, Cherkassy and Yekaterinburg were glad to take part in it. The participants had a great opportunity to make reports on important linguistic topics and, of course, to use their knowledge of the foreign language in practice. Students’ works in English, German, French and Spanish covered a wide scope of problems: various aspects of Philological investigations, branch Scientific and Technical Translation, Computer Science and Innovational Technologies.



Talking about their valuable experience, National Mining University Professors (P. I. Pilov, T. Y. Vvedenskaya and A. Y. Alekseev) emphasized the importance of foreign languages knowledge as one of the most important parts of succeeding in modern world.

Paul Bredbeer’s master-class and International language school “Globus” presentation gave zest to the Conference making it even more vivid and bright.

The importance of the Conference cannot be underestimated. It helps to widen our horizons and to become more open-minded. And we strongly believe that these are the factors which nowadays make the keystone to success.

With great gratitude to the Conference Organizing Committee,

Nastya Puchkova, Makar Chuprina,

FL- 12- 1 students


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Motion is one of the keywords of the XXI century. During everyday life with the people`s routine, we try to diversify and to attach themselves to activities, which are today so much.

Today, March 15, we had the opportunity to visit a fitness convention which was held by one of the international companies for the development of fitness and dance industry called IFC.

At the convention it was attended by representatives of different dance directions, and they are  the best dancers in Europe. Everyone could not only present, but also participate in the master classes, which were given by presenters.

One of the presenters of the event was Jose Martinez from the Dominican Republic. Jose is a  certified dancer, Reebok International presenter and choreographer . He is also the founder of the dance style in fitness called "Reggae".

Students of the National Mining University had an ability to ask Jose about his goals, passions, love to dance and who or what inspires him . The interview was taken in Spanish. Conversation has being led by Kuz'menko Julia , Malyshkina Elena and Rogova Ekaterina.

Rogova Ekaterina: Jose, please tell me why among all of the sports directions have you chosen exactly dancing?

Jose Martinez : Good question , why I have decided so ... probably because the music connects with lifestyle. When I hear music, I wake up. It encourages, inspires me and I feel happy. When a person is happy, he looks at life differently. And, in general , it is a very beautiful combination of music and dance.

Malyshkina Elena : Being a master of what you do, how hard was it for you to get a such success?

J.M : Actually yes, it was hard. I have started doing ballet when I was 9 years old and at the time I was in Cuba. Later, it was more difficult, since I had already studied ballet at the same time entered to the Faculty of Medicine. People used to ask me, why? Why exactly dancing? What was the reason take this choice? - My answer is “that is life”. I always do what I like and dance – it is  my story!


Kuz'menko Julia: Who or what inspires you in your work?

J.M : People do inspire me. I travel a lot and visit many countries, for example, this week I'm here, in Ukraine. I always meet a lot of people who want to learn dancing, and thereby to discover something new, because each of us spiritually rich and I know something special about each of them. That is the inspiration for me.

R.E : How do you think , if any person need a talent for dancing or everyone can dance?

J.M.: Everyone can dance. Dance gives you the opportunity to see how your soul feels life, and with the help of music that can be reflected. Of course, everyone has own opinion.

K.J : Do you think that dance it is a traversed history of life on the dance floor ?

J.M : Of course, this story of the life has been traversed, but there is a real story today that what we create with own hands, actions. This is very important because the story affects on what happens in the future.

M.E : The American philosopher George Herbert said:"Anyone who does not look ahead, is behind us" tell me please if you have any ideas aimed at the development and inclusion of more young people to dance? Do you think it is important for the modern person?


J.M : Yes , this is very important. I know, as a rule , the answer is already embedded in the question itself. Returning to the question probably everyone has thought about what is awaiting us in the future. Dance is a lifestyle, and along with life, it is accompanied by music. When I wake up in the morning, first thing I always turn on the radio to listen to music .... assemble and tune to a positive work. It is a part of our life. Today, we prepare new programs not only for adults but also for children. It is important, because dance is a means of life (laughs). Children dance with music, and this attitude has already carried a great significance. I think that in such countries as Ukraine, Russia , Belarus have been a very well developed the tact senses and music ranging from a small age. And this make us to work harder. Mainly music comes from our hearts. And for me the world it is a dance. This is my opinion. After all, we know "how much people - so many opinions!".

We are grateful to Alvina Valerjenva Gavrilova for the opportunity to take a such interview in Spanish, and to deal with the native Spanish speakers. Also we give gratitudes to  Halushko Tatiana Viktorovna and Allakhverdyan Tamara Nikolayevna for the help and active assistance in translation of a website into German and French.


By Elena Malyshkina

«HABANA BLUES» and … other Cuba

On October, 27th we (a group of fourth-year students of translation department of "NMU") visited Cuban Cultural Center which is situated on Kharkovskaya Street, 2.


It is a small island of Freedom in the city centre. To tell fairly, we`re worried very much, as we didn`t know, what to expect, but it was a pleasant excitement. Before we entered the café, we have been met and kindly led to the hall by the director of the cultural centre - seigneur Migel Anjel. I will note at once, that the atmosphere in the cafe was bewitching! I should remark that the feeling of presence on Freedom Island did not leave me up to the end of our fascinating travel.


Here we watched the film «Habana blues», directed by Benito Zambrano which was kindly presented to our attention by the director of the centre. The cocoa smell, an interesting film and warm atmosphere created the impression of home cosiness …


Then in our conversation we discussed the film and asked some questions about Cuba and about Cubans. It was very pleasant to know that we understood the answers and what is more also we had an opportunity to express our though in Spanish.

We hope that it was not our last meeting. By the way, every person can visit the centre and watch the film. The only thing you should do is to make a preliminary check at the centre site vk.com/club58101864. The films are shown on Sundays evenings. If you would like to fly to Cuba for the weekend, you can fly to Kharkovskaya Street, 2.

Prepared by: Litovchenko Alina, ФЛ-10/2, 4th course




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