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This Master's Degree Programme covers the areas of translation and interpretation for the second educational level and opens a great perspective for futher professional career development and interpersonal skills formation.

Besides the language courses that still continue, the students can master the basics of editing texts in different areas of  science and technolgy, the basics of interpretation, reserch why cross-culturalism makes up the core of their professional activities and also develop thier hard and soft skills.

The course duraton comprises a year and four months period that also includes writing a Master Degree thesis in accordance with Master Degree Curicullum.

At the end of the programme the alumni should provide aural and written communication between the state and foreign languages through translation and interpretation in various areas of economy, science and technology.

The obgective of the programe is to form the bacic professional competences that are required in the modern intercultural and globalized world, i.e. understanding the core of the translation and interpretational processes through the prysm of science and intercultural aspects in order to provide the adequate infromationa exchange.

The  alumni can provide:

- interpretation and translation at language service companies and at enterprises;
- management activities with using obtained hard and soft skills;
-administrative activitied as heads of language service companies or tranlation departmants at enterprises;
- provision of advisory servises as translators and experts in specific areas;
- teaching languages and translation at academic institutions;
- research and scientific activities in the academic areas.
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