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Our planet is inhabited by more than 7 mld. people and the thing that unites us is “the language”. Each country has its own language, culture, customs and traditions of its nation. This week,it was held the conference which was dedicated to the Spanish language and its derivatives. Organizers have actuated the third-year students of the National Mining University and high school students 89 schools in Dnepropetrovsk to participate in the conference. In this school, students learn Spanish language for only six months, but the combined efforts of the students has brought their first victory.


The great philosopher, thinker and poet Voltaire said, "To know many languages is to have a lot of keys to one lock." It means that learning the language of another nation we know more than anyone else. We grow spiritually, the knowledge that we acquire offers us to open a lot of other doors where we will have the opportunity to understand the cobwebs of the fact that not everyone can see. At present each of us has a variety of ways to communicate with people from different countries, after all the technological progress in Wide Web Internet has no boundaries.

The conference was held under the leadership of Senior Lecturer in Translation of the National Mining University - Gavrilova Alvina Valeryevna also helped to organize students Grigorieva Irina Valentinovna, Methodist in Teaching of Foreign Languages of Dnepropetrovsk City Department of Education, head of the Department of Foreign Languages at School number 89. Also, at a conference it was attended by the representative of Peru, the student of our University - Mari Carmen. All of this made it to be possible to organize a decent standard for the conference.


Such events have great advantages. First of all, it is an experience for both, as pupils as students, in teaching and learning. The conference was very interesting. In the early begining, it was given presentations which school pupils were prepared under the guidance of students: it was held about the derivatives of the Spanish language, such as chabakano (Spanish language in the Philippines), Yanito (Gibraltar) and others. The children have also had the opportunity to communicate with native Spanish speakers. They asked questions and showed their interest in this topic. The conference was held in a relaxed, but fun atmosphere. Children were happy about having a such opportunity which was organized by the department of translation. And we, students, are also pleased that our efforts were not in vain.


We hope that such conference will be carried out as often as possible and come into a tradition of the department.

Malyshkina Helena,

former student of the specialized school with advanced study of foreign languages number 7,

student gr. FL-10-2


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